Friday, April 16, 2010

Louisville Area Day Hikes

As a new resident of the Louisville, KY area, I can't wait to discover the new trails that exist within the city! Here are a few I plan on reviewing. As soon as a post is up, the link will become active.

E.P. Tom Saywer State Park (Goose Creek Nature Trail)- Inside the city, this is a different type of state park, but it still affords many recreational opportunities. My husband and I have visited once, and discovered there are a couple miles of nature trails in the park.

Brown Park - Although there aren't any hiking trails in this nature park, there is a nice paved walking trail that winds along a stream. It makes for quick and convenient access to nature when time is limited.

Jefferson County Forest Trail

Charleston State Park (IN)

Hayswood Nature Reserve Trail

Hike and Bike Trail

Cull Hollow Trail

Spring is here!

Spring has officially arrived, and for the outdoor enthusiast, this means it's finally time to get going again. After a long and cold winter, many people are getting ready to plan their first camping trips of the year.

A few updates on this blog that are worth noting:

  • My husband and I have moved from Cincinnati, OH to Louisville, KY. Many of the trail reviews I plan on doing are accessible from both these areas, however, since the two cities are only a short drive away from each other.
  • We are expecting our first child in June! This means our hiking and camping trips will be a little different, but we by no means plan on eliminating them. Be on the lookout for family friendly trail and park reviews!
As of now, we are planning a weekend trip to the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. I will post a trip report and review for the campground we plan on staying at as well as any trails we hike while there.

Happy hiking!

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