Friday, August 14, 2009

Leki Trekking Poles Review

If you hike a lot, chances are you've either come across others using trekking poles on their hike or you may utilize them yourself. I'll admit, when I first saw others using them, I thought- How dorky! Who would want to use ski poles to hike- haven't they ever heard of hiking sticks?! But as I hiked more and more, I started to see the advantages of using trekking poles.

They provide better footing, transfer some of the weight off your back, are easier on your knees and can aid in hiking over slippery or steep trail.

When my husband bought me my Leki trekking poles for my graduation present, I was excited to finally try them out. When I did, I was astounded I did not want them sooner! I felt like I was flying down the trail with those poles! My husband commented that I hike much faster and more confidently than I ever did before. Now, I won't go anywhere without them :-).

LEKI Luau Trekking Poles - Women's

These beauties are the best thing since sliced bread (ok, maybe just the best thing since hiking poles came out). What I love about my pair is that they are tailored to women (complete with a cool luau design). They are easy to close and adjust and sturdy (they don't ever collapse on me). Best of all? LIFETIME warranty. Meaning if you ever do manage to break these suckers, Leki will replace them for you free of charge!

My husband paid over a hundred dollars for my poles, but right now they are on sale at for only $70! That's like over 40% off the original price. I am a little mad mine cost so much more, but that's what happens when new and exciting gear comes out.

Click here to snag this amazing deal!

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