Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tower Park: Urban Hiking in Northern KY

I live in Northern KY, because to me it offers a sense of serenity that the bustling and hustling of Cincinnati doesn't offer. Imagine my surprise to discover hiking trails within a few blocks of my apartment!

Tower Park in Ft. Thomas
has more than 6 miles of mountain biking trails, but these can be used as hiking trails of course. The terrain is surprisingly rough and rugged, giving you a good workout. You can click here to see a map of the park and its trails (on the left tab, click on MAP). Be sure to bring a compass and a copy of the map if you're heading out for the first time, since the trails are roughly marked and intersect quite frequently. Views of the Ohio River can be seen at several points.

I highly recommend these trails for locals who just need to 'get out there' but don't have the time to drive a couple of hours where the best trails are.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Backpacking: Knobstone Trail, Indiana

The Knobstone Trail in Indiana has long been on my to-hike list. Coming it at over 58 miles, it really is one of a kind in this area. Many people use this trail as training ground for the Appalachian Trail, so its definitely scoring high on ruggedness. Total elevation gain and loss is over 20,000 feet-- not something you see too much of here in the tri-state area (located between Indianapolis and Louisville). I'm thinking that we'll plan on tackling part of this trail (or all) in the upcoming months.

Downsides to this trail include it being a thru hike, so you really need two cars to get from end to end (unless you backtrack, and that's not very fun!). Water is also an issue there, and you'll have to catche it at the roads it intersects. These reasons alone have prevented me from exploring the area, but hopefully I'll try to overcome them!

Stay tuned for more on this great trail and future trip reports!

Friday, February 20, 2009


This blog will follow my hiking pursuits across the tri-state area as I seek to compile information for my book. I plan on using this blog as a sort of digital data book where I can share about hikes in the area and receive feedback from other hikers as well.

Areas I plan on targeting before May 2009 include:

-Indiana area (Brookville Lake/Adena Trace, Knobstone Trail and any others I learn about)

-Cincinnati parks (Mt. Airy Forest will be my main concern- to this date there is not official map of the trails in the forest. I plan on changing that!)

-Tower Park (Ft. Thomas)

I think this is a reasonable list of goals that will keep my plenty busy in the next couple of months. With the warmer weather coming, it shouldn't be too hard to fit in a hike every so often! I plan on giving mileage information, terrain and park notes and pictures of the area/trail.

Follow me to learn more about hiking and backpacking- you just might discover a love for it yourself!

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