Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tower Park: Urban Hiking in Northern KY

I live in Northern KY, because to me it offers a sense of serenity that the bustling and hustling of Cincinnati doesn't offer. Imagine my surprise to discover hiking trails within a few blocks of my apartment!

Tower Park in Ft. Thomas
has more than 6 miles of mountain biking trails, but these can be used as hiking trails of course. The terrain is surprisingly rough and rugged, giving you a good workout. You can click here to see a map of the park and its trails (on the left tab, click on MAP). Be sure to bring a compass and a copy of the map if you're heading out for the first time, since the trails are roughly marked and intersect quite frequently. Views of the Ohio River can be seen at several points.

I highly recommend these trails for locals who just need to 'get out there' but don't have the time to drive a couple of hours where the best trails are.

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