Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Berghaus Hiking Boot Review

One of the most important pieces of gear that you will need while hiking or backpacking is, of course, your footwear. Boots are what propel you along on the trail and protect your feet and ankles. I currently wear a high rise backpacking boot (it's actually the sturdiest boot made for women) due to an ankle problem, but many people are fortunate to stick with mid-rises.

The boot shown in the photo is the Berghaus Explorer Ridge GTX Walking Boot. What makes this boot a good choice? Plenty of reasons! Here are just a few:
  • Waterproof with Gortex (meaning it's breathable!)
  • Relatively lightweight with a leather upper
  • Tunable lacing system (my favorite feature by far!)
If I were on the hunt for a new hiking boot, I would definitely check these out. Although made in the UK, you can order from Berghaus here. These boots also scale high on the affordability scale, meaning you won't be dishing out your life's savings to get your pair.

Looking for more gear besides boots and footwear? Check out the Berghaus YouTube page. From rain jackets to pants, you can watch video reviews of all their products. The videos are well produced, short and informative. Its like having a personal gear shopper right beside you! You not only get to see all the different angles of the product, but you get firsthand recommendations from real people.

I cannot stress the importance of taking your time to really review a product when shopping for backpacking or hiking gear. Usually, good quality gear is a bit expensive, but the money you pay is money well spent. You certainly don't want to be climbing the Appalachain Mountains and have your boots go sour on you, or worse, watch the tredding completely disappear. Good gear is gear that you can count on even in the worst of times. Check out the return policies for all gear that you purchase, as well as manufactor waranties. For example, we purchased a water filter that broke within a year of use. Since the warranty was five years, we were able to return it and get a new one for no cost!

So, read, reveiw and purchase! And don't forget to check out Berghaus' awesome videos!

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