Saturday, July 11, 2009

60 Hikes in 60 Miles: Cincinnati - Review

Finally, a Cincinnati hiking guidebook that brings together the best hikes less than an hour's drive away. Tammy York teamed up with the series 60 Hike in 60 Miles to produce one of the area's most long awaited reads. Here's my review on the book.

Tammy York does a good job of gathering information about some of the area's more obscure trails. Another great thing about this book is that she does not solely fill it with one or two mile treks like many other metro focused hiking books. Instead, you'll find walks and hikes anywhere from 13 miles to the occasional 1 (albeit a good one mile!). Many of the hikes I have personally not heard of, and so for this very reason this book is a great buy for any local hiker.

Downsides? The author is more of a leisurely hiker than an avid outdoors woman. And so her description of the trails and the hikes reflect this. Don't pay much attention to her difficulty rating if you backpack regularly or like a diverse terrain. Also be sure to double check driving times and distances. I don't think she uses the downtown metro area as a starting point for many of her hikes (for example, there was a hike in Ft. Thomas that was described as being 30 minutes away. As a resident of the town, I can assert that this is incorrect for it is merely a 5 minute drive from downtown). Don't expect to find any backpacking trails in this book either.

Aside from its shortfalls, 60 Hikes in 60 Miles is still a good read or at least a handy book to have for quick reference if you're searching for hiking trails near Cincinnati.

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