Friday, August 7, 2009

Marmot Mica Jacket Review

Rain gear is an essential item for the backpacker. Although there tends to be quite a bit of opinion regarding what is the best option for rain gear, there is no doubt that it plays a pivotal role for the hiker who is trudging through the wet forests of the eastern US. Key considerations when choosing rain gear are weight and breathe-ability. Many lightweight backpackers often find a hard time finding a nice medium of both.

Enter the new Marmot Mica Jacket. A wonderful melting of breathable waterproof fabric that's completely lightweight. And it's not just lightweight- it's comfortable. The softness of the jacket makes it easy to wear even if only a slight drizzle interrupts your hike.

Not convinced? How about a video showing off it's greatest assets? The Webtogs video review of the Marmot Mica Jacket (for men) gives you a short and informative high-quality overview of the jacket from a hiker's point of view. You'll get to see this jacket in motion as a member of the Webtogs team explains the specs in detail.

Highlights of the Marmot Mica Jacket:
  • Lightweight (bulkiness cut down through use of waterproof seaming)
  • Breathable (constructed of MemBrain Strata fabric)
  • Adjustable (velcro cuff, elastic draw cords)
  • Zippered pockets
The woman's version is similar, but it is known as the Marmot Crystalline Jacket, although the basic specs are the same. This jacket definitely stands up on the list of high quality rain gear. It's tough and it's rough and it will get you through any type of rain from downpour to drizzle, keeping you dry and comfortable along the way. And weighing in at only 7 oz., it's a lightweight and ultra-light backpacker's best bet.

Although buying quality gear can be more expensive, it's certainly worth it in the long run. When you're climbing the Appalachian Mountains and are caught in a downpour, you'll see what I mean. You can't put a price on dryness in the back-country! As I've said before- "Good gear is gear that you can count on even in the worst of times".

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