Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tuesday's Trail: Shawnee Lookout

Located east of downtown Cincinnati is Shawnee Lookout, which is part of the Hamilton County park program. Two short trails wind through this area that are definitely worth checking out.

The Little Turtle Trail is 2 miles long with an easy grade. The wide path makes it ideal for families, small groups or those who desire a brisk stroll. Halfway around the loop is nice rest stop with a bench overlooking the Miami River. 3 stars.

The Blue Jacket trail begins on the opposite side of the parking lot from Little Turtle. This trail is much flatter and shorter- measuring only 1.3 miles. Be sure to bring your camera, especially if you come in the summer. The trail is quite picturesque and makes for a nice romantic hike through both woods and fields of wildflowers. 3 stars.

Also take note to bring money for a parking pass (if you don't already have one), since all Hamilton County parks require them. As of 2008, the price for a yearly pass was 5$.

For directions and to visit the park's website, click here.

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