Monday, March 28, 2011

Hocking Hills State Park

This week, we are heading out to Hocking Hills State Park for a little getaway. We've booked a cabin near the park and plan on doing lots of hiking throughout this beautiful region. Although we had originally planned on going camping, the weather turned cold again and we didn't feel it would be much fun to camp in below freezing weather with a 9 month old baby!

Hocking Hills is a geological wonderland, an extremely popular hiking and camping spot in Ohio. The cabins fill up fast in the summer months, and crowds can be a bit of a problem if you go on a holiday or summer weekend. Last time we went, it was dead winter and we had the park practically to ourselves. This time, it's still the off-season, so we anticipate a pretty quiet park again.

Grandma Gatewood Trail, Hocking Hills State Park, OH

Some of the trails we plan on hiking include...

Ash Cave to Cedar Falls -Last time, we hiked from Old Man's Cave to Cedar Falls and back, a roundtrip of just around 6 miles. For a winter hike, it was beautiful and peaceful. We want to finish the Grandma Gatewood Trail and hike from Cedar Falls to Ash Cave this time. The roundtrip for this hike is 4 - 5 miles.

Conkle's Hollow State Nature Preserve Gorge Trail - This 1.2 mile trek passes through a beautiful gorge with cliffs towering over 200 ft on either side. We are just doing the Gorge trail since the Rim trail can be a bit dangerous with small children!

Other trails we will decide upon as we see fit. Additional sites we would like to see include Cantwell Cliffs, Rock House and RockBridge State Nature Preserve. I will post a trip report as well as trail reviews upon our return!

Have you ever been to Hocking Hills? What is your favorite trail there?

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