Monday, February 21, 2011

Moving Again!

Well, it seems this blog is forever changing! Things have been in the works the past few months for us to move back to my hometown in Ohio. We have a lot of family up there, and have even purchased a nice little house for us all to roam around in! Consequently, the intent of this blog will once again be changing. The region we are moving to is right on the edge of both Southwest and Central Ohio, so I will be redirecting my focus to these areas.

Much of what I covered while living in Cincinnati will still be applicable for this blog, and certainly the extended trips are still within reach. I am excited to explore a whole new landscape, as there are some great parks and trails not far from where we will be living.

Photo: Hocking Hills, Old Man's Cave, OH

I have as such decided to change the name of this blog once again, to The Ohio Hiker, which will not only give me a broader area to cover, but will also appeal to more readers.

Thanks so much for following along and being a part of this blog through the many changes!

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