Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring is in the air!

I don't know how long this good weather will last, but it seems to me that spring is definitely in the air! It makes me think of all the wonderful times we spent camping, hiking and backpacking during past spring and fall months! Since we live in KY, spring definitely comes earlier than I am used to, but I'll take it! Even if the temperatures dip back down below 50 degrees, it seems as though the cold frigid months have been left behind for good.

Photo: Brown Park, Louisville KY

I love hiking in the early spring and witnessing all the little wonders of life poking through the previously barren ground. We're planning a short daytrip out to Jefferson Memorial Forest tomorrow, to really get a good hike in and make use of our new child backpack carrier.

We are still searching for a carrier we can take with us on a backpacking trip, but we got a great deal on a used daypack from craigslist. The Kelty Kids 2.1 Carrier:

After we bought it, we realized it was missing the front removable daypack piece, but we figured we would hardly need it anyway. It will just force us to pack light on trips! After trying it on with our daughter inside, we found it was really comfortable, and for only $50, you can't really beat that! Since we saved so much money on the daypack, we can now invest more into a quality backpacking carrier that will last us through the years.

Has spring started to arrive in your neck of the woods? If so, have you got out to enjoy it yet?

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